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About Me
Hello my name is Daniel in the military I was an electronics technician I repaired all the flight navigation and stabilization equipment on all the helicopters to include the onboard computer and knight vision equipment just to name a few.
It was never my intention to get back in to repairing electronics but when my son was deliberately ripped-off by the Repair man working in play-N-Trade off Shaw and Sunnyside in Clovis, CA. (Now under New Ownership), I started doing a little looking around and what I found was shocking to say the least!
The most shocking thing is how far what I am about to tell you go’s
But first let me tell you exactly what happened with my son and his Xbox, I was out of town doing a job that required me to be out of town for about two and a half weeks when my son called me about his Xbox it had been giving him trouble.
Every once in a wile the video would go out and he had to wiggle the video cable to get it back on other than that the Xbox was in perfect working condition and never had any red lights.
But the problem was affecting his online games as he would loose video in the middle of a game and had to wiggle the video cable to get it back working.
He asked what he could do. I told hem he could weight until I got home or take it to play-N-Trade and get it fixed, he decided to have play-N-Trade repair his Xbox after explaining the problem to the repair man at play-N-Trade they charged my son $100.00 for the repair. 
One week later he got his Xbox back and was so exited he went straight home and plugged it in, the Xbox went straight to 3 red lights! 
After a heated argument between my wife and the store owner they reluctantly refunded the money paid for the repair, then they were refusing to return the Xbox, telling my wife that they had installed parts in the Xbox so they were keeping it.
My wife told the store to remove their parts in a not so nice way! The store clerk took the Xbox to the back room and returned a short time later and handed her the Xbox.
When I returned home from work I opened my son's Xbox, what I found was shocking!!
I will make a long story short when I opened his Xbox 360 there was not a single screw in the whole motherboard! It had bolts from home depot and washers in the place of the X-clamps with a $2 thermal paste that should not be used on anything requiring a fan, and for some unknown reason all the screws in the disk drive were missing!?? I can only assume the repair man knowing he killed the Xbox decided to steel the working disk drive and replace it with a bad disk drive.
Needless to say I was hopping mad. I took the Xbox back into play-N-Trade and proceeded to not so nicely give them a peace of my mind! When I was done they gave me an elite with 3 red lights? WTF! The owner and repair man told me that was the best they could do, I could not help but think what kid just lost his Xbox? But I took it home thinking I could fix it my self considering i had a component level electronics repair background as an avionics; Repairing all the flight navigation, weapons stability augmentation systems and onboard computers for all the Helicopters 

I opened the newer elite and to my horror I found that this Xbox was in identical condition!!! I jumped in my van and went back to play-N-Trade and demanded every screw to include the X-clamps that belonged in that Xbox and I was not being nice!
I took the jelly belly bag full of screws the so-called repair man gave me and proceeded to repair the Xbox after a few days I had the Box up and running at 100% no thanks to play-N-Trade! Now I am not saying all play-N-Trade stores are doing this type of work, but I have repaired lots of Xbox's from other play-N-Trade stores and from what I am seeing they are all at least using the bolt method of repair! This is very bad!! Watch some of my Videos that explain why, I will provide you with links at the end of this page.
Anyway after that experience I started doing a little investigating in to the way local stores were repairing the Xbox 360’s and I was unable to find a single store doing quality repairs not using bolts. 
I then was told about YouTube.com having videos showing how to repair the Xbox 360 so I looked up the videos OMG! There wore thousands of do it your self videos and they all had the same look as my Xbox! Telling kids to Bolt the heat sinks and rap it in a towel or unplug the fans or use a heat gun from home depot!
I started posting warnings on YouTube about how bad there repairs were for the Xbox and other game systems but I was met with total disregard by many many licensed business posting claims of permanent repairs using these methods!
This is a total and blatant lye!
I have video of me opening Game systems from many game stores all with the same repairs! Their repairs never last long so they only give a week or two warranty so they can charge them several times before suggesting they buy one of there reconditioned Xbox's and rip them off again and again until finally they buy a new system!  
I decided to start repairing Xboxes to prove a point and accidentally wound up doing it full time! Using equipment that only Microsoft repair locations would and should use to repair their Xbox's.
I am telling you this so you will be aware of what is going on in the repair world of the Xbox 360! And even other game systems like the PS3 and Wii's 
This is what I found 80% of all licensed repair locations in the world are using this type of repair because to offer a service they go online and buy repair manuals for the Xboxes and other game systems.
I have seen them all 100% of the online repair manuals clamming permanent repairs are actually copies of YouTube repairs! With a few added touches to sale useless parts and bolts!
I am asking for your help in keeping kids and there parents from getting "Ripped off!"
By bolt pushing, heat gun welding fake repair men learning off YouTube videos! Both licensed and unlicensed preying on unsuspecting kids and their parents lying and telling them they can permanently fix there Xbox or game system by putting bolts in it!
I am still getting death threats and strong opposition from all the repair men and am asking for your support and help. 
I am asking for a Donation from you and (Honorable Mention) on any Website you may have! I have been trying to spread the word as fast as possible by offering free give aways
But it is not going fast enough!!!!
So I ask you to watch my videos go to www.youtube.com/TheHGCGamersClub 
Thank you,
Electronics Backgound
This page was last updated: March 7, 2024
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