What do I charge for repairs?
Almost any repair can be complted for $65 or less!
"With All parts & Taxes included".

My Services include but are not limmited to:
Virus Removal
Hard Drive Data Revovery
Lost, deleted or formated file retreval
Repair, Reinstall or Upgraid your Windows/Mac OS
Any and all Component level Replacments and Repairs
All Requested hardwere or softwere Upgraids
Spicific Program Instalations

Welcome to Clovis X Game System, PC & Laptop Repair
"NOT Just Game Systems".

Clovis X is your one stop shop for all your computer & electronics & hardwere & softwere needs.

Regardless of the situation or item your having truble with we are here to help You with ansers, advice or repairs.

I keep parts on hand, if I don't have something you need, I can get it Quick.

I Never charg a fee for in shop diagnostics.

Your Repair by Clovis X Box 360 Repair can be Much cheeper than you may think, In most cases I am cheeper than you may have been quoted by others licensed or not with less experince & bacground than I have and that offer shorter warrantys than you can get with my shop.

You should Call 559-593-6205 for a free Phone estimate today.

NOTE: Allthow I will do every thing in My power to make your Phone Estamat stay exactly as quoted, sometimes a customer may leave out critical information needed to give a proper repair estamate, so if there is a price change? you will be notified before any work is completed
"If we need to change the price you must aprove it first"
If for any reason you say no there will be no charge on the system and you may pick it with $0.00 amount Due.

You won't get hourly rates for computer repair here.

You will know the price before before the repair & before you drop off your computer/laptop off for A repair acording to your discription of the eshew or needs.
Yes I Repair All PC' & Laptop's
License for your safety# BL10117523       Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair LIc# 88169
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This page was last updated: November 23, 2018