[Walk in Customers]

Repair Policy

If I am Unable to Repair Your Game System, PC or laptop there will be No charge!

Effective December/07/2010 I Warranty all my Game system, PC & Laptop repairs dealing with the motherboards is 1 year, free if needed as needed for “((Any Repairable))” Red/yellow light Blue light orange light no light no video ECT, ECT... regardless of error code that may pop up after your Repair not just the light or error you had repaired!

100% Free All parts included!
Anything Broken by customer like USB's & HDMI Ports are not covered

Note: Some red light and no power problems can be cheaper than I quote you or even free?

DVD Drive Repairs are charged separately
Call me for up-to-date pricing for your game system PC or Laptop.

Under my DVD Drive Warranty's the most you will pay is the price of parts Even if it is your fault it broke or the baby fed it a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for 1 full year.

Unlike Microsoft Or my local competition, with my repairs you are given the information, tools and information you need to prevent problems in the first place!

Under all my warranty's you are not only allowed to open your Game systems PC's & Laptops for cleaning but you are Encouraged to do So and I well even show you how!

Yes!!!! You heard me correctly you are allowed to open your game systems PC or laptops without voiding My Warranty!!!!!

I offer Super low preventive maintenance so if you do not think you can clean it? Call me.

Why settle for substandard work that do not last and A short warranty or repairmen with criminal backgrounds?

Due to limited storage space
I will hold any Game System that is not Repairable for up to 30 Calendar Days before I consider it abandoned and salvage any usable parts without obligation to reimburse its former owner

Working Game systems that have been repaired I will hold for 90 Days without contact before I sale it for the price of its repair or give it away to a foster kid or a kid that had a non repairable system or on my YouTube channel "Without Any Obligation to reimburse its former owner"

Note: once an item is listed for a give away the only way you will get it back is to win it.
it is not my responsibility to hunt you down; Most of my repairs are same to next day or 5 to 7 days if parts must be ordered and 100% of all my repairs are less than 15 days so there is no excuse for you not calling to check on your repair.

[Postal Customers]

You must call agree to my mail-in terms and get approval to mail your Game system PC or laptop you Must Provide an E-mail then all correspondence including payment will go threw that E-mail
Details will be given

Repair - policy
This page was last updated: November 23, 2018
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