Clovis Xbox 360 Repair+ Say No to Youtube Repairs! 1 Year Warranty on all my work, I Repair All Game Systems, PC's, Laptop's & Most TV's"> Clovis Xbox 360 Repair Clovis Xbox 360 Repair

Clovis X box Repair+
I repair All Game Systems PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Xbox 360, 360S 360E & Xbox one, All Wii's, All Desktop PC's and Laptop's+

Need Your Game system  Repaired?
“No one anywhere licensed or not can beat my Quality, Experience and Warranty when it comes to any Game system, PC or laptop repair 

Have you been the victim of a "YouTube Educated repairman with no electronic background?"

I will attempt to repair ANY XBOX 360 or other no matter what modifications it has had previously, If I feel the Game system Repair is not going to waste your time or mine, and if i can not save it there is no charge, you pay only after sucessfull repair.

Did your last XBOX 360 repairman remove your XBOX 360's X-Clamps and put bolts in your XBOX 360? Did your last XBOX 360 repair only last a day or two befor a new RROD or new yellow light? If so All may not be lost!

Do not become a victim of fraud! Learn the truth, visit my YouTube Channel even if you do not use me as your repairman you need to know how to protect your game system from idiots and fake repairs! 

I have repaired many XBOX, Xbox 360's E&S Xbox one's, PS1, PS2, PS3 PS4, Wii's laptop's and PC's whose owners were told, by previous Licensed Repairmen it is not repairable? 
Why most of them learn everyting they know from YouTube!
if you wanted to destroy your electronic you could have used YouTube!!


See my Repair Policy for details. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

My name is Daniel Read about me to find out how and why I started Clovis XBOX 360 Repair.

When I Repair your XBOX, 360, Play Station or Wii I use Equipment BOUGHT, SOLD, AND DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE Game System.

That is why I can offer a "1 YEAR WARRANTY FOR ALL Red LIGHTS"     On all my work. 

Unlike others that only offer warranties on the specific fault repaired or time limits of thirty days or less because they use PENNIES, HOME DEPOT BOLTS, DRILLS, PAINT REMOVER HEAT GUNS, AND/OR EVEN THE HEAT GENERATED BY THE XBOX 360 ITSELF! To "Fake" repair your Game systems


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Clovis Xbox 360 Repair
Xbox 360 Repair
Clovis Xbox 360 Repair
Clovis Xbox 360 Repair
Licensed For Your Safety 
Do Not Buy This!
Do Not Buy This!
Do Not Buy This!
All the above books are YouTube fix Book’s! 

They are all bad for your Xbox and do more harm than good! 

If all you want is for your Xbox to work for a week or two than they are for you but will likely kill it and will remove all possibility of a lasting repair so do not sale it after you do this! 

All the information in the above books is free on YouTube! 

If you want a lasting repair you need to have a Qualified repair man using the rite methods and equipment!

Below is a YouTube channel I use to provide "Video Warnings" That you should look at should you decide to use someone other than Clovis Xbox Repair 
to repair your Game System, PC or Laptop
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This page was last updated: March 7, 2024
Clovis Xbox 360 Repair
Clovis Xbox Repair
Learn The Truth And help me worn parents and their kids about bad repairmen that steal from them!

Clovis Xbox 360 Repair

 License for your safety# BL10117523       Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair LIc# 88169
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Although I am not BBB accredited 
Because I cannot afford the enormous fee just to put up a little banner saying I am accredited
i am listed with the BBB and  
I have "0" complaints